Activities of the Chair

Classroom courses

Following two introductory compulsory courses on ‘Introduction to Comparative Politics – Political systems in contemporary Europe’ and ‘The history, theories and institutions of European integration’, students are invited to follow an optional course on ‘EU institutions and policies’ which focuses on the current dynamics of European integration today. Finally, a post-graduate course entitled ‘EU policies and international relations’ focuses more on the role of the EU as an international actor and the implications of multi-level decision-making.

Summer schools

In addition to the classroom courses, the Chair provides for the organization of three summer school events, one during each summer of the Chair’s duration – focusing on significant issues of European integration (EU legitimacy, Europe and migration, European integration and populism).

Online resources and e-learning

The team of the Jean Monnet Chair will design “virtual classrooms” with reading materials, factsheets, short-lecture videos and quizzes. The IT resources of the Aristotle University will be employed for this reason. The aim is to disseminate the results of the Chair’s activities to broader audiences through an attractive and innovative channel, and to integration all produced knowledge in a simple “eye-catching” virtual environment.


The Chair holder will engage in advanced research on the issue of the history of European integration. This research will result in the publication of high-level research material, in the form of a book, on the historical steps of European integration (to be published in Greek, before the end of the Chair’s term) and on the involvement of Greece in this process.


The Chair will organize, additionally a number of other events:

  • Lectures, as a supplement of the courses, by several prominent academics, representatives of EU institutions and national authorities who will be invited as guest lecturers in order to provide different perspectives on a wide range of issues relating to European integration.
  • A 4-day study visit to Brussels for the best performing students of the Department.
  • A conference dealing with the implications of Article 7 TEU and the gradual establishment of a rule of law Union.